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wifi setup

  1. If the internet does not work check the wiring.
  2. If your PC or notebook will not connect to the net ensure your IP is set to obtain automatically.
  3. If your wireless will not work. Unplug the power o the access point, count to 10 and power up
  4. If your wireless still will not work, check password
  5. If you still have problems, unplug the power toe the antenna (POE) count to 10 and power up.
  6. If you have unusually slow speed problems check that you are not doing too many downloads at once

Still having problems?

Issue a Support ticket under the Support drop down bar or click Here Support Ticket

SMS/WhatsApp : Your name address and the Issue to 0723456790 or 0829739994

Note: We can only fix a problem if we are aware of it!

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